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Tenda is a recognized as a leading supplier of networking devices. Founded in the year 1990, this company has committed to delivering simple and affordable networking solutions. The products of this company include home networking, business networking, switch, mobile broadband and many other. Talking about the router of this company, there are innumerable users. People prefer Tenda router for its high-class specifications and ease of use. But there are times when the users who are new and those who have been using them since long times, confront with troubles, if you are also one of them then, getting in touch with Tenda router support number is the best recommendation.

The problem occurs with all devices, be it computers, laptops, smartphones, routers or tablet. But the main thing is dealing with those problems. Some of the common issues that are faced by the users are quoted below:

 Tenda router support

Issues with Tenda router

  • Trouble in settings and installation of the router
  • IP Conflicts in the router
  • The problem in resetting and updating
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Difficulty in password recovery
  • Modem not working
  • The problem in booting the router
  • Driver and firmware installation difficulties
  • LED keeps on blinking or does not illuminate
  • Issues in securing the router
  • Unable to initiate port forwarding on Tenda router

It is not new with the user of this router to come across snags, your issue may be simple or difficult, and the technicians will resolve it with full understanding, just reaching the Tenda router tech support at the right time is all you can do for exclude the chances for any other way of support.

Technical support provided by Tenda Router customer care

The support services provided by the Tenda Router customer care is one of its kind. It is quite common for the users of this router to face difficulties in using it and they often waste their valuable time in searching for perfect support services. In that case, it is recommended to avail the support from a highly professional team of experts. They specialize in providing guidance for the all the troubles including the following:

  • Support for configuration & registration
  • Setting the router
  • Enhancing the security
  • Solution to all hardware and software issues
  • Resetting the router

However, there are numerous other issues that are resolved by the executives, but the fact that makes them stand apart from the crowd is their way of dealing with their most precious customers who trust them for the support. People often try to perform the troubleshooting steps available without particular details and thus fail by making the issue worse.

Why Choose Tenda router customer support

It is always a difficult choice to choose among the best support services available in the market. But you don’t need to think too much because Tenda router customer support is known for providing top-notch services to its users worldwide. A question might arise within your minds, what makes this support service different from others! Well, this is what you will understand in the enlisted points.

  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • 24×7 customer care access
  • Friendly and polite technicians
  • Instant and quick resolution
  • Effective and relevant fixtures

Not only the mentioned ones but the service is very feasible. The technicians stay available all day long and they are experienced professionals who know inside out of the Tenda router. After getting the support services your router will be like a brand new one which will run to its full capability and above all, without any glitches.

How to fix internet connection problem in Tenda routers?

Internet connection issue prevails with every company routers but the problem arises when the users don’t know the right way to fix those issues, in that case, you can try the step by step guide given to rectify any connection troubles.

The problem in establishing a connection may be caused by different factors like the IP address conflict between the router and upstream device, the DNS server or any other. Before initiating with the steps, make sure that the internet connection is active by plugging the internet cable which will connect from the modem to the computer directly.

Step 1: Connect the computer to the modem with the Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Log in to the Tenda web-based setup page

Step 3: Check the connection status in the setup page

Step 4: In the case of connection ‘disconnected’ status, try checking the hardware, changing the WAN speed in the setup page and resetting the Tenda device to factory default

Step 5: In the case of connection ‘connecting’ status, try to verify your internet connection type, change the LAN IP address or power cycle the modem and router

Step 6: In the case of connection ‘connected’ status, change the DNS address, MTU value and WAN speed in the setup page. If required reset the device and upgrade it to newer firmware.

These steps will help you in getting rid of any Tenda router related issue of this router. For rapid help, you can try contacting Tenda router customer support number that stays active 24 hours of the day. The team of intelligent technicians will find the root cause of the issue first and then will offer you the most appropriate solution that will last for a longer period of time.

Why choose Router customer support?

It is difficult to overcome the technical issues by self especially in routers. So, to get an instant response and fix the router issues users need customer support. We have well-qualified and dedicated technicians for troubleshooting all kind of router fault.



The service of router customer care phone number is completely safe and secure, so you can reach to customer care without hesitation.



The technicians of Helpdesk Number provide a stable solution for all router issues. We provide instant diagnosis and repair with a reliable solution.

technical support

Technical support

The team of trained technicians fixes any kind of router issues instantly. Whenever customers reach to customer care team experts assist them in a specific way and fix their hassles.

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Complete solutions

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