How to Setup DLink Wireless Router

Setting up routers these days has become an easy task. There is no need to get indulged in the time-consuming process of configuration. Talking about DLink routers, they are the best networking devices available in the market, countless users choose them over others due to their performance. This company wireless routers have a convenient setup wizard which lessens the hard work of users.  This post is for the users who are facing snags in setting up their DLink wireless router. They can refer to the given steps or alternatively contact DLink Router Tech Support for elaborated guidelines.

Setup Dlink Wireless Router

For the greater understanding of the users, the setup process is divided into stages so that they can easily perform them without any confusion. But one thing is to be kept in mind that no stage is to be skipped.

Stage 1: Reaching the web interface

Open any browser that you regularly use and enter the default IP address of your router in the address bar. Type in ‘admin’ in the username field and ‘password’ in the other field.

Stage 2: Accessing the Setup Wizard

Once you are on your router interface page, click on the setup wizard followed by launch internet connection setup wizard button. Then, create an admin password, set your time zone and select your internet connection type.

Stage 3: Saving the settings

It is recommended to select DHCP for the connection and then click on the clone your PC MAC address. Save the settings and click on connect button. Your router will restart taking a time of a few minutes. Now you can test the connection.

Note: In case your login credentials do not work then you are advised to reset your router once so that the problem can be rectified. The reset can be done by pressing the same button at the back of your router.

These stages will work perfectly and your router will be set up without any hassles. But you will have to create a wireless network and that is quite a troublesome task, so for that, you can directly dial DLink Customer Service Over Phone that stays available 24×7 online.

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