Linksys Wireless Router Customer Service

Most people prefer the technical assistance for the wireless setup of the router thinking that it is a tedious task. But if you are a technical geek and want to at least try to set up your Linksys router then you must follow the step by step guide given in this blog. However, the setup is simple and involves two stages only but if you get confused amidst the configuration then you must reach out to Linksys Wireless Router Customer Service for availing help from the certified technicians.

linksys wireless router customer service
Linksy Support Phone Number +1-888-236-5856

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Linksys Router Tech Support For Physical Setup & Connection

Place the router just next to the modem and plug the power supply into the source. Wait for the device to start. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port of modem to the WAN port of the router. Also, connect your router to the computer for the setup process.

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Linksy Support Phone Number For Copy the MAC (Media Access Control) address

When you are establishing a connection, MAC address is required. You can use the router’s MAC cloning tool to copy the address. Open up a browser and enter the IP address of the router into the search bar. Type your login credentials, click on setup tab > MAC Address Clone and select enabled radio button. After the number gets added, click on save settings.

Linksys Router Helpline Number For SSID Settings

You must change and hide your SSID as it will not allow the uninvited users to access your network connection. Click wireless from the main menu and select the Wireless Network name, enter a name that will show up in network list and then save the settings.

Linksys Support Phone Number For Security settings

Select the security tab from the wireless menu and choose WEP from the drop-down list. Enter a password in the Passphrase field, click generate and then save settings.

Connection Test

When you are done with the whole setup, it is time to check the connection. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and click networks on the system tray, select your network > enter the password and visit any website.

If you get success in connecting to the router network that you created then the troubleshooting worked. If not, then reach out to Linksys Tech Support. The team of experts will resolve the glitch.

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