How to Fix Linksys Router Connection Problems?

Your router refusing for a connection or showing any error message is annoying than anything else. Life without internet has become unimaginable. There are certain times when the users of Linksys router come across some or other connection problems.  In this article, you will get to know about fixing Linksys router general connection problems. If you think that you will not be able to fix the connection troubles due to some circumstances, then it is advised that you must seek assistance from the experts available at Linksys Phone Number which stays active 24 hours of the day.

Fix Linksys Router Connection Problems

The fixtures to common connection problems related to Linksys router are mentioned below. All you need to make sure is while performing the fixes, you must follow the guide completely. Skipping any stage or step might result in some unwanted issues that might make establishing the connection worse.

Fixing the connection errors: users encounter the error message saying ‘can not associate with access point’ and some other connection errors. To fix them, it is advised to reset the router to its default settings. If you don’t know the process then further steps may prove helpful.

To resolve almost all issues related to your Linksys router, you must do the router settings as well as Adapter settings that are provided step by step.


It is necessary to install the drivers of your router suiting to the model and version you are using. Doing this will help in removing any further glitches. Or you can access Linksys Support Number. Go to the official page of the router, log in with your credentials and change the settings of your router as per your requirement to make the connection active.

  • Go to the computer to which the router is connected and visit the router configuration panel.
  • Click the radio button and set the maximum number of computers that will be connected to the router
  • Set the wireless network mode to ‘mixed’ and network name to something easily memorable
  • Choose WEP or WPA and set the password, click on generate, you will get four keys, choose one of them
  • Set the wireless mac filter to enable and select permit only to let your known people use the internet
  • Don’t forget to enable the restrictions next to the status. Click Allow and then save all the settings that you have done


  • Once your router setup is complete, it’s time that you do the adapter settings properly. To do so follow the under given:
  • Double click on the network connections icon and find the router signal from the list of available networks
  • Connect to the signal by entering the WEP key that you used in the router setup. Choose the key 1 from other keys that generated. Make sure the caps lock is on and type the key correctly.

The connection issues related to your Linksys router will be fixed from the scratch if you do the router and adapter settings as they are given above. In case of any confusion, contact Linksys Support where the technicians will help you with resolution. Fix problem with wireless adapter or access point. you have a small network at home that is connected to the laptop wont connect to wifi linksys router.

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