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Reset Apple Airport Express & Extreme Setup

It is quite abrupt to think that even the products manufactured by Apple can have technical flaws. Due to its perfect brand recognition and value, it seems strange to think of any troubles with any Apple devices. Praises apart, it is common these days for the users of Apple products to come across snags. Be it Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple AirPort, every device gadget has some or other bug. Specifically talking about Apple AirPort Express & Extreme Setup, these are smart routers which are considered as one of the brilliant products in the businesses for their advanced technology and safety. People all across the globe rely on the Apple products, particularly for their quality and durability. They have blind faith that there cannot be any issue with the Apple airport. But with the passage of time, their faith has turned into distrust due to increasing complication with the products. If you are also one encountering snags with this company router, you can ask Apple AirPort tech support for help. You can avail their services 24×7 online.

There are a number of AirPort gadgets you could try from Apple. Some of which are mentioned below:

AirPort Express: a lightweight router designed for music sharing
AirPort Extreme: a powerful router with additional ports and features
Time Capsule: essentially an AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard drive for wireless sharing of files
Bringing the product Apple AirPort in limelight, have a glance at its smart features.

Apple Airport

Difficulties users face while using Apple AirPort

Apple AirPort not responding: Many users have come across the same problem that their device stops responding, this can be due to many reasons.

Having trouble to log in: for using any device, you need to go through a login stage and that is when the Apple AirPort users face glitches

Difficulty in setup & installation of Apple AirPort: especially the new users often face this snag of installing the device as it is a lengthy procedure

Inability to reset the password: this is quite a general scenario with all devices, especially with routers. Apple AirPort use encounter difficulties in resetting or changing the passwords

Connecting devices with the AirPort: Routers have some procedures for allowing the connection of devices to them, same is with Apple AirPort, and users often take it hard to connect with this device

Increasing the security: Apple AirPort allows its users with an extra blanket of security to safeguard the router but users find it burdensome to do so by themselves

How to reset your AirPort base station

In case you have lost your base station password or forgotten it, then restoring the base will fix the issue and bring it back to a controlled state. Depending upon the model of the base station, you can reset it in three ways:

Soft reset: it resets the base station password and disables security for a while so that you can join the network to make the required changes.

Hard reset: it resets the base station to an unconfigured state, but retains the last saved configuration allowing you to restore it from previous settings.

Factory default resets: it is similar to the hard reset but removes any saved configurations and profiles.

When performing the hard reset or factory default reset:

  • The base station is set to request an IP address by DHCP
  • The password is set to ‘public’
  • The name is set to ‘base station’, followed by the last six digits of the base station’s MAC (Media Access Control) address
  • It will not be visible in the Wi-Fi status menu or AirPort Utility for a while
  • Before resetting it, make sure that its firmware is up to date.

Once your base station is reset from the scratch then you will be able to use it without any flaws. In case if you feel like getting assistance from someone then try getting in touch with Apple AirPort customer care. The professionals will help you with the needful fixture.

Solutions provided by Apple AirPort customer care

Under listed are some of the general solutions that are provided by the support executives to their valuable base of customers dealing with any bugs.

  • Security & performance enhancement services
  • Help for driver firmware updates
  • Router setup and configuration
  • Change of bandwidth channel to improve the network speed
  • Protection against the data breach and theft
  • Help for port forwarding
  • Setting up your router as a bridge or extender
  • Help for installing gaming consoles and settings of the router
  • Configuration guidance
  • Resetting and recovering the passwords

Choosing Apple AirPort customer support

Known for their best services, Apple AirPort customer support provides instant and relevant solutions to the users dealing with varies issues. Staying connected is the need of an hour, but getting proper guidance is also important. It is easy to get information from different sources but it is hard to evaluate the worthiness of the solution. Here you will receive the most satisfying services compared to other service providers. The excellent team of experts has the following qualities:

  • 24×7 availability online
  • Friendly and polite behavior
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Long lasting solution
  • Service in stipulated time

In the near future, if you ever come across any technical defects related to Apple AirPort then you must take the help from professionals. It does not matter on the complexity of the issue but customer satisfaction is the main focus of the experts. So, why to have any second thought when you can directly connect with Apple AirPort customer care regardless of any restrictions.

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