How to Access Cisco Wireless Router?

All routers have a built-in web-based setup page that allows the users to customize the settings of their router and setup advanced properties. Same is the case with Cisco wireless routers.  If you don’t know how to access the router then you can reach out to Cisco Contact Number that stays accessible 24 hours of the day. Or the other option you can choose is to do some troubleshooting so that you can access your Cisco router.

Access Cisco Wireless Router

Cisco routers come with intent based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. They include advanced analytics, application optimization, and automatic provisioning. There are various options of customization available with this company routers so that the users can take benefits and mold the router settings as per their convenience. The high-performance Cisco routers ease the network operations.

Accessing the Cisco Router

If you want to configure advanced settings of the router then these steps will be helpful in doing so. Some common configurations that can be done on the page are to set up a wireless security for the network, forwarding ports for a game console and video camera and setting up the router manually. In case, you find the steps quite difficult then connect with Cisco router customer service.

Things to Remember:

  • Even if your router is wireless, it is suggested to use a hardwired connection from the computer to the router so that a stable connection can be maintained and others cannot access your router at the same time.
  • If you don’t want to establish a wired connection then make sure that your system has Wi-Fi before performing the steps.
  • In case, you do not have the password to access the router page then you can apply the default password or even reset the router to its default settings.

Step 1: First of all, make sure that the Cisco wireless router is plugged into a power source and is turned on

Step 2: Turn your computer on and click on the ‘Network’ icon in the notification area

Step 3: Navigate to the Cisco router located under the ‘Wireless Network connections’

Step 4: If prompted, enter the same password that you entered at the time of configuring the router’s security settings

Step 5: Open a web browser and try to load any website just to check if you have access to the wireless router or not

Step 6: Type the IP address of your router, which you can find at the back or below the router where other information is printed. You will then reach the admin panel of your Cisco router.

Now you are free to access the Cisco router as and when you want!

If these steps do not allow you to access the router then it’s time to dial Cisco Support Number where the professional executives will let you know the step that you are doing wrong and will help in accessing the router. There is no such thing to doubt their services as they are proficient and experienced in their field of technical expertise.

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